This form of cooperation is for owners who want to actively participate in operation of the hotel with the strategy and management support by the PYTLOUN HOTELS. We offer you a unique management system of our young and dynamically developing company in the form of franchising under the PYTLOUN HOTELS® brand.

Benefits of the franchising agreement:

  • Financial and organizational independence
  • Complete know-how for all areas of hotel/guest house management
  • Increase in the community of regular customers and maximization of profits
  • Sophisticated system of anonymous "mystery guest" checks
  • Consultancy in the field of marketing and quality improvement in website presentation
  • Supplier volume discounts
  • Web presentations with search engine optimization
  • PPC campaigns managed by PYTLOUN HOTELS® specialists
  • Community marketing presentation on Facebook and Instagram


For more information contact Lukáš Pytloun, .

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