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PYTLOUN has been present on the market since 2003, when it provided accommodation for workers in only one flat unit. In the space of five years, the small company grew to become one of the largest providers of accommodation in Liberec. It currently offers a total of 472 beds in eight hotels, one bed & breakfast and three apartment houses. We also run three designer restaurants.

Our primary goal is to provide the best possible accommodation at a price that is lower than that of our competitors. In order to achieve our goal we carefully select our suppliers, reduce costs wherever possible and save when it can have an effect without our customers noticing.
The furnishings and style of our rooms are very carefully geared towards the client so as to meet their needs. The company collaborates with a number of specialist architects and interior designers, who help us to achieve an end product with which our customers feel at ease.

Our company currently has a presence in the Liberec region, Prague, Harrachov and Krušné Mountains. Our plan is to expand into other localities in the Czech Republic and offer high-quality services in accommodation and gastronomy. To help us achieve this goal we have in place a young management team and a group of young people who want to develop the company and constantly improve the services we offer.

Lukáš Pytloun

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