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About us

Experience Czech hospitality where the word fulfils its true meaning.

The ever-growing family of PYTLOUN HOTELS has been offering hospitality and customer care since 2003 in 13 accommodation facilities that satisfy the unique travel needs of guests from both the Czech Republic and abroad.

PYTLOUN HOTELS is one of the most respected Czech brands. They are a family of both designer and traditional hotels located in the heart of Prague or the centre of Liberec, as well as in beautiful mountain locations. Thanks to its consistent diversification portfolio, it offers accommodation for all types of travellers.

Guests can choose from many types of accommodation and corresponding price levels. Thanks to recent acquisitions, the group now has the capacity for city tourism or business and conferences, as well as for outdoor stays and wellness. These must include the pleasure of great food enhanced by fresh, preferably local ingredients. Each segment of the portfolio has its own personality and style. But what they all share is the same commitment to providing clients with superior service, modern facilities and exceptional value. 

The values we consider important include the environment:

  • we use only organic cosmetics and cleaning agents in 100% biodegradable plastic packaging,
  • we recycle heat from used waste water,
  • we use only energy-efficient equipment, automatic room management, and efficient energy management (e.g. LED bulbs, automatic electric curtains, etc.),
  • charging station for electric vehicles.

Lukáš Pytloun

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